Xploration Camp

Welcome to Xploration STEM Vacation Camp.  We offer fun, innovative and hands-on STEM based learning.  Xploration STEM Vacation Camp is designed to keep children engaged throughout the day. Each activity is unique and exciting, encouraging kids to design, create, and problem solve both independently and as part of a team.

STEM Vacation Camp

Who We Serve

Xploration STEM Vacation Camp welcomes students from all school districts. Activities are designed for children grades 2 through 6.  Space is limited. We keep enrollment low to enhance the hands-on learning experience and instructor/camper interaction.

Xploration STEM Camp Highlights

Our Xploration STEM Vacation Camp is designed to keep children engaged and busy.  A variety of different, exciting and educational activities are presented each day. The Xploration STEM Vacation Camp experience will create lifetime memories.

We offer developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities with an emphasis on fun. Through STEM education, students learn to become problem solvers, innovators, creators, and collaborators.

Take a peek at some of our past STEM themes:

Blast Off!

Rockets, rockets, rockets! Campers will design, launch and experiment with flight using the rockets they built powered by three different elements: air, water and fire!

Crime Scene Forensics

Become a detective for the day! Science is involved when solving real crimes. Campers learn to lift fingerprints, cast footprints, collect evidence and try to solve mock crime scenarios using Science.

Magnetic Magic

Magnets are fun, useful and almost magical. But it’s not magic, it’s science! Campers experiment with magnetic fields, make electro magnets, magnetic slime and even make levitating racers.

Nature Discovery

Nature is all around us and nature is science! Campers spend time outdoors in the woods learning about trees, engineering in the woods, making a battery out of dirt and use the sun to create beautiful art!

Playground Physics

Campers spend a wild day on the playground experimenting with motion! Campers build a lever strong enough to lift 300 pounds, experiment with ball drops from high places, create balloon zip line racers and so much more! They’ll never view a playground quite the same again.


Want to enroll for our Xploration STEM Vacation Camp?  Call 603-882-9080 x2212 for more information or click on the link below.

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